THE ELECTORATE! Release “Enormous Glorious Girl” Out June 26th

The Electorate are Eliot Fish, Nick Kennedy and Joshua Morris. Enormous Glorious Girl, released on Friday the 26th of June, is the second single from The Electorate’s forthcoming album, You Don’t Have Time To Stay Lost, out soon on Templebear Records and distributed by MGM.
It’s not often a song is recorded decades after it was written, but that is the case with Enormous Glorious Girl. A flashing jangle of urgent chords with a plaintive, sticky melody, Enormous Glorious Girl (affectionately known by the band as EGG), is an arrow shot by a hesitant Cupid; a slice of teenage pop from an adolescent head; a bundle of anxious musings on that object of your affections who seems larger than life and impossible to approach without mustering up some serious courage.
“It’s the oldest song of mine on the album and about as disposable a pop song as I could write,” says the Electorate’s bassist, Eliot Fish. “It’s just the warm buzz of a three-piece guitar band on a naive mission to woo someone with an awkward love song.
"I was still a teenager when I wrote this, so to record EGG now many years later… it’s as amusing to me as it is energising. Breathing new life into such an innocent ode of pining for your crush is just flat out fun, and you can hear the youthful exuberance in Josh’s guitar solo. I still remember who I wrote the song for: she was in the audience at a few gigs of ours at The Sando in Newtown. I never spoke to her then, but she’ll always be the enormous, glorious girl.”
The video for the song recalls the style of classic film title sequences from the 1950s and 60s by the legendary Saul Bass. “At first we wanted to do something with pop art – if only because the word pop is there and using blasts of colour came to mind,” says Fish. “But then we thought it had been a while since we’d seen a clip with just the lyrics on screen, and that period of cinema is just stunning for inventive titles. Our friend, designer Gus Ronald, knew exactly what to do with it.”
The Electorate originally formed as school kids with a love of melody, contortion and the energy of skewed pop. They played as The Templebears, kicking around the traps and releasing EPs but as they prepared to record their debut, they splintered. The individual members went off to play in bands like Big Heavy Stuff, The Apartments, Reality Instructors, Knievel, and Atticus. They re-assembled for a one off gig and got sucked back into the universe their songs had created, and set about recording the album they were always meant to make.
The Electorate release "Enormous Glorious Girl” on Friday 26th June on Apple Music, Spotify, distributed by MGM. It can be heard on Soundcloud HERE and is the second single from The Electorate’s forthcoming debut LP, "You Don’t Have Time To Stay Lost".
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