WYE OAK! New Single ‘Glory’ At Radio This Week (Merge Records/Inertia)

Wye Oak debuted new material on their recent tour with Future Islands and a number of shows at SXSW last week. For those unable to witness in person, the duo are now sharing "Glory" from their fourth full-length studio album Shriek which will be in stores in May (Merge Records / Inertia).

Jenn Wasner and Andy Stack of Wye Oak have spent most of their lives in Baltimore, Maryland. But after two years of constant touring with Civilian, their highly lauded 2011 album, they landed on opposite sides of the country with an unforeseeable future ahead.

Wye Oak is immense. Like their thunderous live shows, in which they build up love, terror, and loss in one moment and then tear them down in the next, they have created a record that explores the personal struggle for peace – but within the instinctive, unconscious mind. The lead single 'Glory' cries out for the need to abandon inhibitions in the face of desire".

If Civilian was the album that made mountains surge, oceans swell and desert high plains ever more vast, then Shriek is the album that sounds the infinite depths of our inner space…

WYE OAK's 'Glory' is the lead single (at radio now) from the forthcoming album 'Shriek' released on 2nd May on Merge Records / Inertia.

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