KRISTA POLVERE! ‘Devil In Me’ EP, At Radio Now!

As 2016 kicks into gear, the devil has taken control of Melbourne based alt-country artist Krista Polvere and the year ahead promises to be a wild ride.

Having received national airplay and video play for her single Shut Up & Ride in late 2105 the momentum continues to build towards the release of her self-titled album in mid 2016.

The next step is the release on 19 February of the EP Devil In Me, highlighting the title track, a dark and edgy meditation on love, lust and madness.

“The song is a story about a dangerous desire and love that two people have for one another” comments Polvere. “The desperation that you can hear is the fear of losing someone you believe you can't live without. When a love is overwhelming it can drive lovers mad and turns something that is pure and perfect into something that dark. Which is the Devil in Me.”

The single kicks off an EP that also features the previous single Shut Up & Ride and three earlier songs highlighting the path the well-travelled artist has taken to this point. The EP is being released in both the US and Australia (by MGM Distribution) and coincides with a push into the US market kicking off with an appearance at the prestigious Folk Alliance Conference in mid February in Kansas City.

“I’ve released my earlier albums in a very low key way previously so not a lot of people in the US know about my music yet. I wanted people to see that there has been a history to my work and that songs like Devil In Me haven’t just appeared out of thin air. I've been able to create my work in an unaffected way and I feel like I’m ready for people to really get a sense of where I’ve come from as an artist.”

Polvere will be playing some selected shows around the release of the EP in both Australia and America, including some really amazing shows were she shares the stage with celebrated international touring artists and local legends.

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