QUAILS! ‘We Don’t Need Entertainment’ Single At Radio Now!

QUAILS is the solo project of Sydney based singer, songwriter, producer Amy Pes. “We Don’t Need Entertainment” is the new single from the forthcoming EP ‘Worlds’. 
‘Worlds’ follows up QUAILS’ self-titled debut EP which included “High Hopes”, a song that was featured extensively in a closing scene for hit US TV show ‘Lucifer’. QUAILS received a huge response worldwide, with the scene and YouTube clips of the scene being viewed by millions. Now, QUAILS release “We Don’t Need Entertainment” co-produced by Quinn with remixes by The Nights and Tunnel Signs, and from further afield, Tallah from Berlin and Owe Money Pay Money from Singapore.
QUAILS brings together an ambient blend of moody pop with R&B undertones, glimmering synths, bold beats and emotive soul-infused vocals, “We Don’t Need Entertainment” stays on course while the remixes take the song into different dancefloor zones.
1. We Don’t Need Entertainment
2. We Don’t Need Entertainment (The Nights Remix)
3. We Don’t Need Entertainment (Owe Money Pay Money “We Don’t Need Bae” Remix) 
4. We Don’t Need Entertainment (Tunnel Signs Remix)
5. We Don’t Need Entertainment (Tallah’s Deep Mix) 

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