THE AINTS! A New Record and Another Show in Sydney!


Surprise! The Aints! return to Sydney this April for a final appearance before the recording of their debut album 'The Church Of Simultaneous Existence' in May. 

This time though Ed, Pete, Paul and Alister will be presenting an epic two-set show; the first set comprised of material conceived and / or recorded in Australia and the years 1973 – 1977 and the second set covering the material written or released by Kuepper for The Saints during 1977 – 1978 and the band’s tenure in the U.K. In effect; more Aints! and more Saints!

Completing this alchemy of Herr Kuepper’s teenage blues is a name change with the band from here on in to be known as The Aints! (exclamation mark included). It all goes down Friday 27th April at the Marrickville Bowling Club with limited tickets available from Thursday March 15th via

"When the offer to do a series of shows to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the first Saints album was made to me early last year, I thought I try to take it beyond the nostalgia fest that it could have been [tho nothing wrong with that] I'd already started going through boxes of old cassettes and note books and was reminded how many songs [or bits of songs] had been left behind due to the band splitting up in 1978. I decided to revive some of these and we performed four of them as part of the 2017 tour 'S-O-S  5', 'Demo Girl Pt 2', 'Red Aces', 'Church of Simultaneous Existence anyway, they went down a treat and this confirmed my initial feelings about them as well. This March/April The Aints! are doing a few more shows and we're going to introduce a few more of these archeological discoveries …keep an ear out for ''[Goodnight Ladies] I hear a sound without'', ''Elevator'', ''You've got the answer'', ''This is our Summer'', ''The Rise and fall of James Hoopnoch Eefil' and ''Country Song in G'. If you liked the others I think you'll like these…” - Ed Kuepper

Meanwhile Ed Kuepper Park is now open for business. Situated in Oxley, Queensland just down the road from the garage where Ed's musical career started and where the bulk of the early songs were written. The Ed Kuepper Park signage reads …

Ed Kuepper was born in Bremen, Germany, and with his family, migrated to Oxley. It was at Oxley High School that Ed met Chris Bailey, and later at Corinda High School, Ivor Hay. Together they formed the band ‘The Saints’. In the mid-1970s, in his childhood home on Lawson Street, ‘The Saints’ wrote the iconic song ‘(I’m) Stranded’. In 2007 ‘(I’m) Stranded’ was one of the first 20 songs added to The National Sound and Film Archives’ Sounds of Australia registry, and is recognised worldwide as an early touchstone of the punk movement. Bob Geldof famously said, “Rock music in the seventies was changed by three bands – the Sex Pistols, the Ramones and The Saints”. After leaving ‘The Saints’ in the late 1970s, Ed formed the band, the ‘Laughing Clowns’. Ed has been a successful solo artist since the mid-80s and has been an important and influential member of the Australian music scene for more than 40 years.

Amen to that. 

Friday 23rd March 2018
Melbourne, Thornbury Theatre
+ Sand Pebbles. On-sale now via
Friday 27th April 2018
Sydney, Marrickville Bowls Club (limited capacity)
Two sets // no support. On-sale Thursday March 15th via
Saturday 28th April 2018
Hunter Valley, The Gumball Music & Arts Festival
+ Dave Graney 'n' The Coral Snakes, Rocket Science, Screamfeeder and more.
Tickets on-sale now via the