GAZ COOMBES! ‘Walk The Walk’ Single At Radio Now!

Gaz Coombes has released the second track from his forthcoming album World’s Strongest Man.
Built from a twisted bassline, space-aged gospel vocals, swooping strings and lo-oscillating synths Walk the Walk is a sleek, sinewy and thoroughly addictive mediation on the dangers created by, as Gaz says, all of the “misguided, delusional men that are making the world worse for everyone else” - the unstable men who seem to be in positions of power all over the planet. 
The follow up to Deep PocketsWalk the Walk is taken from Gaz’s third solo album, World’s Strongest Man, described by Mojo as “continuing proof that the 42 year old Gaz Coombes’ best work is happening in the here and now (4*).
World’s Strongest Man is the magnificent third solo album by Gaz Coombes. Inspired variously by Grayson Perry’s the Descent of Man, Frank Ocean’s Blonde, Californian weed, British woodlands, unchecked masculinity, Neu! and hip hop (and a whole lot more besides), it’s a truly remarkable collection of eleven deeply personal songs each set to expansive, addictive melody. From the deep soul purge of the title track’ to the coruscating Fripp-goes-motorik sprint of Deep Pockets via the gorgeous cyclonic ballad Slow Motion Life and Vanishing Act’s raw-as-hell stream of consciousness panic attack, World’s Strongest Man is a bold, ambitious, free-thinking, future-facing rock‘n’roll record. 
World’s Strongest Man is the follow up to 2015’s Matador - a record pretty much conceived, recorded and mixed in the studio equivalent of solitary confinement. Following its release, Gaz evolved from ‘the former Supergrass frontman’ to hugely respected Mercury nominated solo artist in the space of just ten months. That album spawned five singles and was described by Q as “his masterpiece”.  Like Matador, World’s Strongest Man was written, recorded and produced by Gaz Coombes at his home studio and at Oxford’s Courtyard Studios (with co-production from long time studio partner Ian Davenport in a working process Gaz compares to what it must be like “editing a novel”). 
The album is available on Gaz’s Hot Fruit label through Caroline Australia on 4th May 2018. 
01   World’s Strongest Man
02   Deep Pockets
03   Walk The Walk
04   Shit (I’ve Done It Again)
05   Slow Motion Life
06   Wounded Egos
07   Oxygen Mask
08   In Waves
09   The Oaks
10   Vanishing Act
11   Weird Dreams
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