SLOW FADES! ‘Canyon Songs’ EP / ‘Leave The Canyon’ Single At Radio Now!

Slow Fades are a new project with an impeccable Australian indie pedigree. Led by songwriter Ben Birchall (Klinger, The Corrections, Duke Batavia) and multi-instrumentalist Dave Rogers(D.Rogers, Ben Lee)Slow Fades is the widescreen sound of four musicians who know each other inside and out, but are still searching for something just over the canyon.

Their debut EP ‘Canyon Songs’ uses their well-worn indie rock as a starting point, but has one eye on the bittersweet sound of the 70s rock of Tom Petty, Jackson Browne and Bruce Springsteen. The result is a polished, accomplished debut release, produced by multi-instrumentalist Rogers. Veering from the hooky, anthemic ‘Leave The Canyon’ to the spiky ‘Knocking’, to the George Harrison-via-Brian Eno drone of ‘Vikings’, ‘Canyon Songs’ is a debut brimming with confidence.

‘Canyon Songs’ is released independently on November 15, and being launched on November 25 at the Thornbury Theatre with support from Amarillo and Georgia Fields with John Palmer. A limited edition 10-inch vinyl version will be available at the launch.

SLOW FADES ONLINE: Official Site | Facebook 


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