MARTIN FRAWLEY! “Chain Reaction” At Radio Today!

Martin Frawley documents his attempts to turn over a new leaf throughout the lyrics of his solo debut album Undone at 31, out February 22 worldwide. To reinforce this new path forward and move away from the familiar, the Twerps co-founder employed fresh, imaginative approaches in the recording studio as well. “We spent three weeks in John Lee’s Phaedra Studios in Melbourne’s Coburg neighborhood,” Frawley explains. “First week tracking, second week experimenting, third week mixing.”
That experimentation included a subtractive process of layering three drum takes as the foundation for the Jacques Dutronc-vibing “Chain Reaction” before pulling out pieces like a Jenga tower to arrive at the final result. Hear it for yourself today, accompanied by a playful music video shot in Brooklyn last year that features Frawley singing the infectious crybaby chorus.
The first and second tracks on Undone at 31“You Want Me?” and “End of the Bar,” respectively, are also available for listening, and you should play them in order for storytelling purposes. Raven Sings the Blues says, “This Martin Frawley album is shaping up to be the ‘sorting your shit out’ record that we all need this year.”
Pre-order yours on CD, LP, and blue-white marble Peak Vinyl in the Merge store, or wherever you buy music.
For 2019, Frawley has assembled a live band that includes Stewart Bronaugh and Joshua Jaeger of Lionlimb for Undone at 31 release shows in LA and NYC, as well as an appearance at By The Meadow in Bambra, VIC.
Keep your ears to the ground for a really exciting announcement about a run of Martin Frawley shows in Melbourne this March.

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