GIRL IN A COMA! 'Walking After Midnight' screens on RAGE Saturday 12th February, around 2:00AM. The clip is introduced by the very woman that signed them to Blackheart, JOAN JETT! RAGE ABC (National)

SWERVEDRIVER! Don't forget to tune into PBS 106.7FM at 7PM as Michael Mulholland will be featuring the band, including an interview with Adam Franklin, in a 1HR Special! LISTEN HERE! PBS 106.7FM (Melb VIC)

RIDE! This coming Tuesday 8th February 2011. Drummer,  Loz Colbert will be live-to-air with Sarah Belfonte on "Drive" talking about the 20th Anniversary of iconic debut album,  "Nowhere". Tune in at 18:00PM (21:00PM AEST). LISTEN HERE! RTR 92.1FM (Perth WA)

RIDE! If you were tuned into the J's today at 10:30AM you'll have heard Zan Rowe playing 'Vapour Trail' and 'Like A Daydream' Live (from the bonus live disc, Los Angeles Roxy Theatre 10th April 1991 show! "Mornings" with Zan Rowe, TRIPLE J

LLOYD COLE! Lloyd will be joining 6"Afternoons" with Richard Fidler, 10th February 2011. He'll be on air for a chat and an acoustic performance at 15:00PM AEST or 14:00PM QLD. 612 ABC (Bris QLD) 

LLOYD COLE! Lloyd will be joining "Afternoons" with Richard Stubbs 10th February 2011. He'll be on air for a chat and an acoustic performance at 14:15PM AEST or 13:15PM QLD. DOWNLOAD HERE! 774 ABC (Melb VIC)

LLOYD COLE! David Dowsettwill be chatting to Lloyd tomorrow,  Friday 4th February 2011 @ 09:40AM QLD (10:40AM AEST) on "Mornings". "Mornings" ABC WIDE BAY (QLD)

LLOYD COLE! Tim Cox will be speaking to Lloyd this Wednesday 2nd February 2011 @ 07.35 AEDT (06:35AM QLD) on Breakfast,  ABC COAST FM (Sunshine Coast QLD)

LLOYD COLE! Mel Dee will be having a chat to Lloyd Cole on Monday,  31st January 2011 around 12:00-1:00PM SA (12:30-13:30PM AEST). POWER FM (Adel SA)

LLOYD COLE! Lloyd chats to Gillian O'Shaugnessy on "Afternoons" tomorrow,  28 January 2011! Tune in around 1:00PM WA (4:00PM AEST). 720 ABC PERTH (WA)

LLOYD COLE! Lloyd chats to Carole Whitelock on "Afternoons" today,  27 January 2011! Tune in around 2:35PM AEST. ABC ADELAIDE (Adel SA)

WIRE! 'Edge Radio Recommends' airs between 5-6PM on Thursday 20th January! Aeron will be talking to Colin Newman of Wire! EDGE RADIO (Hob TAS)

WIRE! Tune into"Transference" tonight 18th January between 4-6PM to hear Simon Winkler chat to Wire's Colin Newman.  RRR 102.7FM (Melb VIC)

WIRE! Guest Programming RAGE (ABC) today,  18th January! We'll let you know air date when we know! RAGE, ABC NETWORk (TV)

WIRE! Tune into "Mixing Up The Medicine" on Tuesday 18th Jaunary 2011,  between 5-7PM. Host,  Louise Please will be chatting to Wire's Colin Newman.  PBS 106.7FM (Melb VIC)

WIRE! Tune into FBi's "Tuesday Arvo" 3-6PM on Tuesday 18th January,  as Chris Twite will be chatting to members of WIRE in-studio,  Live-to-air around 5:15PM. FBi 94.5FM (Syd NSW)

WIRE! Tune into 2SER's "Tuesday Overdrive" 4-6PM on Tuesday 18th January,  as Mig Caldwell will be chatting to members of WIRE in-studio! Live-to-air around 4:15PM. 2SER 107.3FM (Syd NSW)

TUMBLEWEED! Tune into 2SER's "The Band Next Door" from 3PM on Wednesday 12th January. Lenny will be having a chat to Mike Williams! 2SER 107.3FM (Syd NSW)

TUMBLEWEED! Tune into FBI 94.5FM tonight! Richie will be chatting to Scott Fitzsimons on "Dead Air" at 11:15PM. FBi 94.5FM (Syd NSW)

TUMBLEWEED! Last week's #1 Most Played Artist on 3D RADIO ADELAIDE'S "TOP 21" Airplay Chart! 3D RADIO (Adel SA)

TUMBLEWEED! Richie will be joining Luke Demitriou of "Everything Moves" this Tuesday 21st December for a one hour special on the band,  their "The Waterfront Years" CD release and upcoming performance at the Pyramid Festival (31 Dec). Tune in from 7PM. PBS 106.7FM (Melb VIC)

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