THE CHURCH! Marty Willson-Piper will be chatting to Neil Rogers on "The Australian Mood" Show. Tune in from 8:00PM EST on Thursday 16th December 2010. RRR 102.7FM

THE CHURCH! Marty Willson-Piper will be talking to Luke Demetriou on "Everything Moves" Show. Tune in from 7:00PM EST on Tuesday 14th December 2010. PBS 106.7FM

SIANNA LEE! Will be performing an acoustic track from her album "Phoenix Propeller' and talking to Vanessa on the "Lunchbox" show on Friday, 3rd December 2010, at 1PM. EDGE RADIO 99.3FM

THE CHURCH! Steve Kilbey will be talking to Genevieve Jacobs on "Afternoons". Tune in at 14:10PM EST on Thursday, 2nd December 2010. ABC CANBERRA 

SIANNA LEE! Will be performing 'You Are The Sea' and 'Asie Incomplete' LIVE on ABC Hobart's 'Live At The Centre' on Thursday 2nd December 2010 @ 11:30AM. ABC HOBART

NIC DALTON & HIS GLOOMCHASERS! Nic will be interviewed on Simon Marnie's "Morning Show" – this Sunday 21st November,  with special "Gloomchaser" guest Bernie Hayes on guitar and backup vocals. They'll be playing 'Six Hours West' ABC 702 SYDNEY

THE CHURCH! Carole Whitelock of ABC Adelaide's "Afternoons" will be chatting with Steve Kilbey Wednesday, 10th November at 3PM (SA), 3:30PM EST. ABC ADELAIDE

THE CHURCH! Tim Powles will be chatting to Andrew Bartlett on 'Breakfast Will Tear Us Apart' at 8AM (QLD) on Monday 8th November 2010. 4ZZZ 102.1FM Download today's 4ZZZ 102.1FM Podcast; with Tim (4.3MB File size). 4ZZZ 102.1FM

THE CHURCH! Peter Koppes will be chatting with The Dan & Ken Show (Drive), Friday 5th November 2010. Tune in from 3pm EST – 6pm EST. For a list of stations in your local area

DAN WEBB! Tune into Brisbane's 4ZZZ 102.1FM, Tuesday 21st September @ 1PM for the "Zzzeitgeist" Show. Dan will be chatting to Michael about his new EP "Hyperspace 

DAN WEBB! Tune into Brisbane's 4ZZZ 102.1FM, Tuesday 21st September @ 1PM for the "Zzzeitgeist" Show. Dan will be chatting to Michael about his new EP "Hyperspace Clearance" and Ric's show (22nd) 4ZZZ 102.1FM

DAN WEBB! Tune into Melbourne's SYN tonight Monday 20th September @ 5PM for "1700" Show. He'll be chatting to Matt & Phoebe about his new EP "Hyperspace Clearance" and performing "These Walls" live…! SYN NETWORK

DAN WEBB! Tune into Canberra's 2XX on Saturday 18th @ 5PM for the Oz Music Show. He'll be chatting to Shaun Bennett about his new EP "Hyperspace Clearance". 2XX 98.3FM

HARD-ONS! 'Alfalfa Males Once Summer Is Done Conform Or Die' – Feature Album of the Week – from June 21st on PBS 106.7FM

THE ETTES! "So Say So" high rotation "Sweet 16" track on SYN

CLOSURE IN MOSCOW! Tune in to FBi 94.5FM's "Dead Air" show on Tuesday 24th May, as Scott Fitsimmons will be chatting to the band in support of their upcoming show in Mona Vale and Sydney's Gaelic Theatre. FBi 94.5FM

SIANNA LEE! "With a voice like velvet, what's not to love about Sianna Lee. Unique and creative, Sianna's music is intuitive and honest. Her voice is bolder stronger and refreshing, yet still graceful and elegant." BMA CANBERRA MAG

HARD-ONS! "19 tracks in one humungous snot and sarcasm-filled punk rock burritto" BLUNT MAGAZINE

SIANNA LEE! "She delivers too; the country-tinged 'Mothers & Daughters' and haunting organ-laced 'Behepa' feature two of her most arresting performances to date" BEAT MAGAZINE

SIANNA LEE! "Lyrically then, the album is pretty raw, yet melodically, it's beautiful; there's a subtle atmosphere to each of the songs that evokes a particular feeling in the listener." INPRESS MAGAZINE

THE SCOTCH OF SAINT JAMES! "From Perth via The Arctic MonKeys' house, en route to a potential rendezvous with BRMC, travel these catchy and polished lads… a solid offering from a band that has buckets of love to share, and it's safe enough to get mainstream airplay if the idiots in charge give it a spin" MUSIC AUSTRALIA GUIDE MAGAZINE

SIANNA LEE! Sianna will be dropping into Sydney's FBi 94.5FM on Saturday 22nd May for a chat to Anna Burns at 1PM on Weekend Lunch. Sianna will be playing a live acoustic track from her Phoenix Propeller album, in support of her show at The Excelsior, Surry Hills (22nd May) ! FBi 94.5FM

SIANNA LEE! Monday 17th May, tune in to Vox 106.9 FM in Wollongong, from 10-12PM as Ben Hession of The Australian Indie Music Show chats to Sianna Lee before her upcoming show at The Grand (21st May) ! VOX 106.9FM

SIANNA LEE! Saturday 15th May, tune in to 2XX 98.3 FM in Canberra, from 5-7PM as Shaun Bennett of The Australian & Local Music Show chats to Sianna Lee before her upcoming show at The Front Gallery! 2XX 98.3FM

SIANNA LEE! "she's free to tread gothic soundscapes (Mercenary in Me) or weathered folk melodies (It's Dark Enough to See the Stars). The survivor narrative so common to solo debuts appears ("I'm going to be all right," promises Behepa) but across the 10 tracks Lee keeps changing things up, revealing repeatedly intriguing versions of herself." THE AGE

THE SCOTCH OF SAINT JAMES! "this is all about Rock n' Roll swagger with enough hooks to put a tackle shop out of business! Good stuff." REVERB MAG

NUMBERS RADIO! "straightforward rock, progressive thrash punk, harmonised vocals and capricious intensities" DRUM MEDIA PERTH

THE SCOTCH OF SAINT JAMES! "a cracking first album… a rollicking and very promising debut" DRUM MEDIA PERTH

LAURA IMBRUGLIA! "…the singer armed with little more than an acoustic guitar and her beguiling voice… smart wordplay and honest emotion." BLUNT MAGAZINE

THE SCOTCH OF SAINT JAMES! "psychedelic breakdowns, quirky bridges and Dave Parkin’s ambitious, whizzing and whirring, production give each track a very distinct character that should give the album longevity." XPRESS MAGAZINE

LAURA IMBRUGLIA! "I continue to love this singer/songwriter writing pop rock. Overall it's because she such an unpretentious musician. She's an excellent singer… Her voice is direct, clean and melodic" THE BRAG

THE SCOTCH OF SAINT JAMES! "…there’s something sophisticated about this band that ensures they ooze a sense of superiority (and it’s not just their classy band name or the fact that their album title has the words neck tie in it). Their brand of stoner rock shines through… Vigilante Neck Tie Party is a solid first album, showing the diverse range of music this Perth quartet is capable of producing" RIP IT UP MAGAZINE

LAURA IMBRUGLIA! "there’s a lot of joy to gain when you sit down and get comfortable with this album. It’s warm and inviting, and Imbruglia draws you in with her narratives about growing up (‘You’re a Parasitic Germ’), dating (‘Older Men’) and the twisted side of love (‘When It All Falls Apart’). The Lighter Side Of… is a journey after all, and an endearing one at that." MESS+NOISE

THE SCOTCH OF SAINT JAMES! Tune into Triple J this Saturday 24th April, (Afternoon show) as Lewi McKirdy will be chatting to Paver from the band, about the release of their debut album "Vigilante Nick Tie Party". Tour dates coming in May! TRIPLE J

LAURA IMBRUGLIA! "…a songwriter and performer of rare honesty and decorum, one not afraid of putting her heart and soul on the line for our scrutiny and enjoyment. The album’s simple arrangements and sparse instrumentation (acoustic guitar being the dominant paradigm) gives this side of her craft room to breathe, and it’s her pain-ridden but stoic narratives which ultimately make this album so special." TIME OFF MAGAZINE

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