PETA TOPPANO! Respected Australian actress Peta Toppano chats to Ian of The Soap Show about her time on iconic Ausse soap "Prisoner", as superbitch Jilly Stewart in "Return To Eden" and her time on "Young Doctors", "Home & Away", her forthcoming UK Event and more.

LAURA IMBRUGLIA! Feature Album of the Week on SYN, Melbourne! AND tune in to FBi 94.5FM tomorrow around 4PM to hear Laura perform live and chat to Huna and Michaela! FBi 94.5FM

LAURA IMBRUGLIA! "The Lighter Side Of… follows her self-titled debut album, released four years earlier. So, sure, it’s been a while – but her sophomore release compensates fans for their patience almost immediately." THE DWARF

LAURA IMBRUGLIA! "Emotionally weighty and sad, with healthy doses of laughter just at the right times, the sarcastically-titled Lighter Side Of… is a really well rounded album, on which Imbruglia proves herself to be rather wonderful at telling evocative tales of everyday heartbreak." DRUM MEDIA

NUMBERS RADIO! You & I, at radio now! The guys will be chatting to Lewis McKirdy on 10th April, so tune into the Js on Weekend Afternoons ! TRIPLE J

LAURA IMBRUGLIA! "With a Beatles fixation and a country twang, this Sydneysider's second album rides roughshod over all manner of topics with enough wry wit and dry charm to fill an entire Oscars night." THE MUSIC NETWORK

PETA TOPPANO! Peta will be chatting to Ian of The Soap Show on April 9th about her roles in 'Prisoner', 'Return To Eden', 'Young Doctors' and more!

LAURA IMBRUGLIA! 'Wouldn't Be Surprised' & 'When It All Falls Apart' A-Listed to FBI 94.5FM ! 'The Meaning of the Word' added to high rotation on SYN !

AMANDA MUGGLETON! Will be popping into the 89.7 Eastside Radio studios on March 4th at 10:30AM to talk about her latest theatre show "Me & Jezebel" (the story of Bette Davis) – Playhouse Theatre, Sydney Opera House March 2nd, 5th and 6th. EASTSIDE RADIO 89.7FM

AMANDA MUGGELTON! Joins "CALENDAR GIRLS" cast. CALENDAR GIRLS is thrilled to have secured Lorraine Bayly, Rhonda Burchmore, Cornelia Frances and Amanda Muggleton to play four of these magnificent women. CALENDAR GIRLS is based on the very successful film of the same name starring Helen Mirren and Julie Walters, which in turn was based on an uplifting and inspiring true story that is quirky, poignant and hilarious.

LAURA IMBRUGLIA! We're all happy folks to have Laura back on the RiSH roster! New Album "The Lighter Side Of…" out soon, upcoming launches at the Annandale, Apr 16th and The Birmingham, Melbourne, Apr 24th. Check back for updates!

the church! Steve Kilbey will be chatting to 666 ABC Canberra's Ross Solly Breakfast Show on Wednesday 17th February around 7AM – and – to 2CC Radio's Mike Welsh on the Drive Show, same day between 3-6PM. See them at Tilley's, Canberra that night, also. 2CC RADIO

NASHVILLE PUSSY! Heading back to Oz, March 2010! Ruyter Suys just finished a days worth of press, keep an eye out for her in Drum Media, Faster Louder, Inpress, Beat, Time Off, Rave, Tsunami and more to come!

the church! Wed Feb 17th show at Tilley's, Canberra! Steve Kilbey chats to Shaun Bennett of 2XX 98.3 FM, 5.00pm – 7.00pm, The Australian & Local Music show this Saturday. Look out for stories in BMA, Canberra Times and Sunday Times! 2XX 98.3FM

PRISONER! RiSH Publicity were honoured to work on the 30th Anniversary celebrations for iconic Australian Television show "PRISONER". We began work with Val Lehman (Wentworth's Top Dog "Bea Smith") in August 2008 right up to the very day of the Event, held in the old CH10 grounds at Nunawading, VIC on 22nd February 2009. Over 250 fans, cast and crew celebrated with music, chat, meet-n-greets and a few fine wines. In the run up to the event RiSH organised appearances for Val Lehman and Colette Mann ("Doreen Anderson") on CH10s "9AM With David & Kim", where they were joined by award winning actress, Amanda Muggleton ("Chrissie Latham") for a chat. RiSH also organised a national studio link-up in three cities for the ABC's "The Conversation Hour". Val, Colette and Jane Clifton ("Margo Gaffney") joined host John Faine in the Melbourne studios, Amanda Muggleton and Fiona Spence ("Vera 'Vinegar Tits' Bennett") joined in from Sydney, and Carol Burns ("Franky Doyle") from Brisbane for this ONE HOUR Special. TV Week covered the Event exclusively and featured a double page spread with the entire cast in attendence and Sydney Morning Herald's Michael Idato featured "The Freak" (Maggie Kirkpatrick) on the TV Guide cover to celebrate the 30th also. Val Lehman also completed interviews with Inside Soap, TV Soap, New Idea, Frankie, Melbourne's Herald Sun, Interval for Drum Media, Time Off and Inpress, Cherrie Magazine,, Time Out Magazine, 2SER's "Queer Noise" (Sydney), RTR FM (Perth), 4ZzZ FM (Brisbane). Colette Mann spoke with 2GB's Chris Smith on his Friday Lunch show and Amanda Muggleton also spoke to 2GB on their Weekend Drive, Melbourne's Leader Newspaper, gay Street Press SX News and David Knox of TV Tonight, as did Fiona Spence.

DAVID MCCORMACK! "The more I play it, the more I think this might be the best album he's made." **** Noel Mengel, COURIER MAIL

GIRL IN A COMA! Two videos premiere tonight on Aussie TV! ABCs 'RAGE'! "El Monte" 2:50AM and "Static Mind" 4:00AM !! Tune in … !!! RAGE, ABC

DAVID MCCORMACK! "With 20 songs and running at 60 minutes, Little Murders is a tad indulgent but there are plenty of highlights, including the feel-good rocker The Good Times Keep Following Me Around; the spacey, horn-driven, Indian-influenced Hit Me; the ode to the restraining order A.V.O; and the stunning piano-driven Landslides. A welcome return to form." Patrick Donovan, THE AGE.

DAVID MCCORMACK! "The finest collection of songs he has ever put to tape" ALBUM OF THE WEEK ****1/2 RAVE MAGAZINE

MAMA KIN! RAGE "Indie Clip Of The Week" for Tore My Heart Out. Friday, 27th November 2009, TUNE in !

DAVID MCCORMACK! Little Murders "it’s great to have McCormack back and here’s hoping we don’t have to wait five years for the next record." TIME OFF MAGAZINE

the church! Annie Gastin of "Afternoons" Darwin ABC chats to Marty Willson-Piper, Friday 20th November between 2-4PM! ABC DARWIN

DAVID MCCORMACK! "a cinematic beauty of summer pop, atmospheric reflection, dainty ballads and drunken waltz. You will not be disappointed." * * * * * Daniel Murphy, ROLLING STONE (5-star review)

NUMBERS RADIO! "Numbers Radio is everything their name suggests them to be: masters of cohesive, well-packaged rock melodies done by the book, but with that essential dose of inimitable spunk and dynamism to make them enduring radio favourites." TIME OFF MAGAZINE

NUMBERS RADIO! November NSW shows coming ! "Numbers Radio have put together an impressive high energy, back to basics rock album, just well written and superbly executed songs." DRUM MEDIA

MAMA KIN! FREE DOWNLOAD! Tore My Heart Out is iTunes Single of the Week! "Heavy on soulful piano and a voice that rumbles through your chest and brings tears to your eyes". VISIT iTUNES, FREE ALL WEEK !

NUMBERS RADIO! Interview on SYN TV tonight, 7th October in Melbourne! SYN NETWORK

HARD-ONS ! Ray Ahn will be chatting to Triple J's Stu Harvey TONIGHT Wed, 7th October on Short.Fast.Loud ! Tune in from 10PM ! TRIPLE J

DAVID MCCORMACK! "Good Times" Single review – "a nifty slab of rifforama… part garage rock, part sunshine pop, and an excellent entree for the alleged forthcoming warmer weather" INPRESS MAGAZINE

NUMBERS RADIO! The guys are appearing on SYN TV, this Wed, 7th October, from 4:30PM. SYN playing the "Come On" video clip and talking to the band! SYN NETWORK

the church! "the church return to form with a stunningly ambitious album of shimmering rock" ***** ROLLING STONE

the church! "Untitled #23 is kaleidoscopic but accessible, tightly focused psych-pop brilliance." BEAT MAGAZINE

the church! "sparkling electric poetry from some guitar-shaped hole in the universe." **** SYDNEY MORNING HERALD

the church! "it’s still the same beautiful high, every bit worth the two-and-a-half year wait" ****1/2 RAVE MAGAZINE

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