EUPHONIC! "…heavy-hitting and radio-friendly, catchy-as-hell and intellectually satisfying. Drowning For Daylight manages to be both reverent and original, and points to a bright future for this Sydney quartet." ROLLING STONE

SPARKS! "Catchy, creepy and cheerfully demented songs" **** RAVE October 2008, "doesn't disappoint… no one else quite sound like Sparks." BEAT MAGAZINE

EUPHONIC! "Deliciously catchy songs… pop/rock perfection." FASTERLOUDER

SPARKS! "One of the few influetinal bands around that actually produce worthwhile product… Thak god for Sparks." BMA MAGAZINE

VIOLENT SOHO! New Crop Artist feature – TRIPLE J Friday 7th November 2008 , "The songs on offer are catchy and packed with plenty of zip… pomising debut" RIP IT UP

QUAN! 'Genuinely oiginal and still incredibly original." **** TIME OFF MAGAZINE


EUPHONIC! "Its easy to see why Euphonic are a creative rock force ready to take on the world" RIP IT UP MAGAZINE

VIOLENT SOHO! 'Love Is A Heavy Word' – on rotation at Triple J, TRIPLE J Live "Home & Hosed" Set airing Wed 13 August, 2008! TRIPLE J

EUPHONIC! "…a breathless ride. Well constructed with just the right degree of rawness, this was well worth the wait." DRUM MEDIA

VIOLENT SOHO! "It's a forceful declaration of intent, full of battering-ram guitars, vocals obscued by haze and distortion, and a ryhtmn section with enough power to flatten buildings." ROLLING STONE

EUPHONIC! "the result resembles early Radiohead, with some achingly passionate vocals over acidic guitar bursts" INPRESS MAGAZINE

VIOLENT SOHO! "It's rock with a stick of dynamite up its ass". ALBUM OF THE WEEK, TIME OFF MAGAZINE

EUPHONIC! Featured Album on "Local/Generral Show" – 16 August 2008 – with interview. 2XX 93.8FM

VIOLENT SOHO! Interviewed on Incoming Show – 16 July 2008 [Melbourne] 3RRR 102.7FM

Feature Album Of The Week (12 July #3 on Airplay Charts) 4ZzZ 102.1 FM

VIOLENT SOHO! Interviewed in-studio – 12 July 2008. 4ZzZ 102.1 FM

EUPHONIC! "they deliver an album of depth. Confident and passionate." BMA MAGAZINE

VIOLENT SOHO! "the riffs are so raging, the melodies so engaging and the sentiment so pure that its near impossible to resist". BLUNT, "a sublime debut" BEAT MAGAZINE

EUPHONIC! "songwriters who have a fantastic command of melody and choruses and can play the songs they have written.. high quality, hooky songwriting" BLUNT MAGAZINE

VIOLENT SOHO! "a pointedly concise pop record, replete with ear-grabbing hooks and structures that get to the point early and don’t hang around long enough to be tiresome." RAVE MAGAZINE

EUPHONIC! "Sydney heavy rock quartet Euphonic love bass riffs that rumble along the floor and guitars that are drenched in fuzz. Magic Dirt's Dean Turner has a similar love making him the perfect choice as producer for the band's debut album Drowning For Daylight." DRUM MEDIA

DAVID MCCORMACK! 4 x SINGLE OF THE WEEK !!! "Single Of The Week" in Rave Magazine (Brisbane) Time Off [Brisbane],  Drum Media [Perth] and Inpress Magazine (Melbourne).

VIOLENT SOHO! "they have sought to keep the integrity of their live shows as intact as possible". 8/10,  TSUNAMI MAGAZINE

EUPHONIC! "Yeahno, a melodic guitar-strong slacker anthem featuring unusually effective shouted harmonies… a tight-knit group touring constantly, to their fans’ pleasure." RAVE MAGAZINE

VIOLENT SOHO! "excellent guitar rock for those who want their music raw, reliable and tinged with a "f*ck you" attitude". MUSIC AUSTRALIA GUIDE

EUPHONIC! "YEAHNO is probably their catchiest to date… when they ramp up into the chorus it echoes every great guitar pop-single of the last ten years." DRUM MEDIA

EUPHONIC! Featured Album on "Sideshow Alley" with Nic Cook – 23rd July 2008 – with interview. 2MCE 93.1FM

VIOLENT SOHO! "Their tornado-of-fists style is instantly addictive and fantastically well executed." POLAROIDS OF ANDROIDS

EUPHONIC! SYN FM – Featured Album on "The Hoist" with Joe Toohey – 17 July 2008 – with interview [Melbourne]

DAVID MCCORMACK! "McCormack might have left Brisbane, but as long as we live here, we’ll know how this EP sounds better than anyone else." RAVE MAGAZINE

EUPHONIC! Featurred with interview with Paul & Tara – 10 July 2008. 4ZzZ 102.1FM

EUPHONIC! Featured Album on "Dead Air" with Dan Stapleton – 18 June 2008. FBI 94.5FM

DAVID MCCORMACK! "Ranging from the upbeat/low-self-esteem pop of Textbook and the hilarious A.V.O. to the gorgeously syrupy strings of I Won't Let You Down, this is fine pop music for grownups." INPRESS MAGAZINE

KATASTROPHY WIFE! Dan Stubbs (UK) will be talking to Kat Bjelland this week for a feature in an upcoming issue of UK Magazine. "Q"

KATASTROPHY WIFE! "Heart-On" (RiSH single). The song on Kat Bjelland's new single that isn't the screamingly awesome Iron Maiden cover still kicks any spotty metal white boy ass you care to name" Everett True, PLANB MAGAZINE

KATASTROPHY WIFE! "Run To The Hills" (B-side of RiSH single "Heart-On"). Um,  Iron Maiden as decimated by the former singer of Babes In Toyland,  Kat Bjelland – fuck shit,  man,  rage and distortion don't come much more raging and distorted than this. I've broken people's careers for less than this." Everett True, VILLAGE VOICE (New York)

KATASTROPHY WIFE! "A sabre-toothed blowjob of emotional resonance,  with guitars that sound like shredded steel. Long may she wail" NME

"Kat Bjelland may be a wife and mother these days,  but her voice is still a feral howl igniting her Sonic Youth/Ramones/Black , Sabbath rock n'roll din" Q MAGAZINE

KATASTROPHY WIFE! "Bjelland doesn't holler for broad effect; she weilds her vocal chords as much as her lungs to convey raw emotions with nuance and, inflection" MOJO MAGAZINE

KATASTROPHY WIFE! "Rock has been much poorer for the abscence of Kat Bjelland's tempestuous squalling vocal. Pure molten punk rock with not a stylist or superstar co-writer in sight" KKKK – KERRANG! MAGAZINE

KATASTROPHY WIFE! "There's nothing that hits the spot like the sound of a righteous woman screaming with all her might. With a voice and attitude like Kat's you don't need anything else." BIG CHEESE MAGAZINE




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