‎…AND YOU WILL KNOW US BY THE TRAIL OF DEAD! LUNA’s Jenna Hawkins speaks to Conrad Keely ahead of their shows to discuss the band’s new material, his intriguing artwork and why he feels restricted touring in his home country. READ HERE! LUNA MAGAZINE (Web, National)

‎…AND YOU WILL KNOW US BY THE TRAIL OF DEAD! Larry Heath has uploaded his interview with Jason Reece as an Audio file! LISTEN IN! THE AU REVIEW (Web, National)

…AND YOU WILL KNOW US BY THE TRAIL OF DEAD! It’s a hot summer day in Austin,  Texas when Tone Deaf’s Rebecca Martin chats to Conrad Keely! READ HERE! TONE DEAF (Web, National)

ISOBEL CAMPBELL & MARK LANEGAN! Isobel chats to Dunja Nedic, READ IT over at TONE DEAF (Web)

COSTA RAE! "cheery upbeat music and gorgeous harmonies which are sometimes in contrast with more thoughtful lyrics and strong songwriting". DRUM MEDIA (Syd NSW)

ISOBEL CAMPBELL & MARK LANEGAN! Bernard Zuel chats to Isobel! READ IT in the Arts section of 26th July's SYDNEY MORNING HERALD (Syd NSW)


ISOBEL CAMPBELL & MARK LANEGAN! Leigh Salter chats to Isobel! You can READ IT over at FASTER LOUDER (Web, National)

ISOBEL CAMPBELL & MARK LANEGAN! Andrew Watt's interviewed Isobel Campbell in support of their Aussue tour! READ IT over at HEY HEY MY MY (Web National) 

ISOBEL CAMPBELL & MARK LANEGAN! Larry Heath spoke to Isobel Campbell ahead of their Australian Tour – READ IT HERE! THE AU REVIEW (Web, National)

ISOBEL CAMPBELL & MARK LANEGAN! Read an interview from this week's DRUM MEDIA. Anthony Carew chats to Isobel Campbell. PG38, READ IT! DRUM MEDIA (Syd NSW)

ISOBEL CAMPBELL & MARK LANEGAN! Isobel chats to Anthony Carew in this week's issue of Inpress, Pg28 READ IT! INPRESS MAGAZINE (Melb VIC)

CRYSTAL STILTS! "Atmospheric and dense without sacrificing catchy hooks, In Love With Oblivion is perfect post apocalyptic road trip music. So buckle your seat belt, load up Crystal Stilts, and enjoy the scenery of your future wasteland." READ HERE! RIP IT UP MAGAZINE (Adel SA)

CRYSTAL STILTS! "Through The Floor’ stomps along like Bowie hitting the West Coast, while ‘Half A Moon’ is all Hammond organs and acid-soaked exuberance, and ‘Death Is What We Live For’ is part Iggy, part Lou, part Brian Jonestown and all genius." READ HERE! NME (UK)

TUMBLEWEED! Richie Lewis chats to Kane Young, in support of their upcoming show at the Brisbane Hotel in Hobart on Saturday 4th June! READ HERE! HOBART MERCURY (Hobart TAS)

RIDE! "The live tracks, recorded at LA's Roxy in 1991, take on a noise-pop feel, teaming piercing feedback and walls of distortion, with epic melodies. The whole album is a piece of alt-rock history, and you shouldn't need much more appraisal in order to justify its purchase." DRUM MEDIA PERTH (Perth WA)

CRYSTAL STILTS! Brad Hargett talks to Adam Camilleri in this week's BEAT! READ HERE! BEAT MAGAZINE (Melb VIC)

CRYSTAL STILTS! "…haunting and dreamy, like The Jesus & Marychain at tractor speed." MAG (FREE JB HIFI'S)

TIMES NEW VIKING! "an accessible, dreamy, melancholy album." ****1/2 MAG (FREE JB HIFI'S)

CRYSTAL STILTS! Louis Rankin chats to bassist Andy Adler about their latest album, "In Love With Oblivion" over at FL. READ HERE!  FASTER LOUDER (Web)

CRYSTAL STILTS! Josh Butler talks to Brad Hargett about their new record (out now on Popfrenzy) over at GROUPIE (Web) READ HERE! 

CRYSTAL STILTS! Brad Hargett talks to Anaya Latter about their new album "In Love With Oblivion" over at TONE DEAF (Web). READ HERE!

THE FEELIES! Tone Deaf chats to Bill Million about new album "Here Before" (Popfrenzy). READ HERE! TONE DEAF (Web)

THE FEELIES! "The Feelies have a gift for propulsion and dynamics, and they send their songs up, down, up, up, and always forward toward climax. Here Before is a very good album, and much better than anyone had the right to expect from a reunion album." READ HERE! FASTER LOUDER (Web)

THE FEELIES! "The Feelies have a gift for propulsion and dynamics, and they send their songs up, down, up, up, and always forward toward climax. Here Before is a very good album, and much better than anyone had the right to expect from a reunion album." FASTER LOUDER (Web)

CRYSTAL STILTS! "this band wipes the floor with every other act of their ilk. It sounds about as lo as any kind of fi could possibly hope to get, but …Oblivion will keep you in a heady fug all winter if you let it under your skin." THE BRAG (Syd NSW)

BOTANICS! Scotty speaks to Rip Nicholson about their new album 'The Fabric' and upcoming Album Launch,  this Thursday 12th May @ The Vanguard,  Newtown. READ HERE! DRUM MEDIA (Syd NSW)

ASH GRUNWALD! Read a short interview with Ash from last week's Sutherlandshire Leader, in support of his Brass Monkey show in Cronulla! READ HERE! SUTHERLANDSHIRE LEADER (Syd NSW)

ASH GRUNWALD! Ash graced the front cover of the FYI Entertainment section,  and a 2-page article in support of his Windsor show. VIEW COVER! WESTERN WEEKENDER (Syd NSW)

BOTANICS! "Groups with full bands seem to be leading the charge over the guys with only DJs in the Australian hip-hop scene these days,  in what seems like some sort of genre evolution. With this being the case,  Botanics are easily at the forefront thanks to 'The Fabric' " DB MAGAZINE (Adel SA)

CRYSTAL STILTS! ALBUM OF THE WEEK! "This is a dark, mesmerising dive through the downward spiral." BEAT MAGAZINE (Melb VIC)

THE FEELIES! "…by golly fuck, it's good to have them back." BEAT MAGAZINE (Melb VIC)

THE FEELIES! "Is it too late/To do it again?" asks Glenn Mercer on 'Nobody Knows',  opening this comeback by one of the greatest guitar bands of CBGB's Seventies heyday. "Fuck, no" is the answer". ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE (National)

PONYTAIL! "Singer Molly Siegel is psyched beyond words, firing off eeps, bleats, bird calls and other utterances, somehow prelingual and aphoristic …well-orchestrated, pretty rocking and rarely too drifty. This is a balletic freakout." ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE (National)

GRUFF RHYS! Doug Wallen chats to the Super Furry Animals frontman in support of his Sydney, Excelsior show May 3rd, in this week's DRUM MEDIA (Syd NSW) READ HERE!

GRUFF RHYS! Mikey Carr chats to Super Furry Animals frontman in advance of his Aussie shows! TONIGHT Northcote Social Club and 3rd May at Sydney Excelsior Hotel. READ HERE! MUSIC FEEDS (Web)

GRUFF RHYS! Pre-sale tickets for tomorrow's Sydney show at the Excelsior are sold-out,  but some will be available on the door. In the meantime,  here's Tom Mann's recent interview with Gruff. READ HERE! FASTER LOUDER (Web)

GRUFF RHYS! Doug Wallen chats to Gruff. PG30, READ HERE! INPRESS MAGAZINE (Melb VIC)

GRUFF RHYS! Christine Lan chats to Gruff in support of his upcoming Melbourne show at the Northcote Social Club,  May 2nd in this week's BEAT, PG 16. READ HERE! BEAT MAGAZINE (Melb VIC)

GRUFF RHYS! "Hotel Shampoo, turns out to be pop of the Burt Bacharach variety. Inspired partly by turning 40 and partly by a longstanding collection of items liberated from hotels over a decade of touring, it's every bit as quirky as you'd expect." READ HERE! CITY SEARCH (Web)

TIMES NEW VIKING! ALBUM OF THE WEEK "Dancer Equired is a fantastic record and if there's any justice it will introduce Times New Viking to a whole new world of fans eager to devour the tantalising pop-ridden contents hidden within." TIME OFF MAGAZINE (Bris QLD)

CRYSTAL STILTS! "the band have advanced from the doom and gloom of their previous work and evolved into a band confident to break out the jams as much as glide on a garage psych slipstream, and do it all with the right balance of bombast and nonchalance." TIME OFF MAGAZINE (Bris QLD)

THE FEELIES! Check out an interview by Doug Wallen with Glenn Mercer in this week's Drum Media #1056,  PG43. READ HERE! Drum Media (Syd NSW) 

PONYTAIL! "sits as one of the most original releases of 2011… a definite contender for album of the year." DRUM MEDIA (Syd NSW)

GRUFF RHYS! ALBUM OF THE WEEK "Rhys is never short of fresh ideas and as exemplified by Hotel Shampoo, he's one of the most reliably intriguing purveyors of charmingly peculiar, multi-coloured experimental-pop." BEAT MAGAZINE (Melb VIC)

PONYTAIL! "the four members throw every conceivable sound at the wall with such an enormous amount of energy, verve and gravity-defying enthusiasm that somehow the mangled mess left behind will always crease your face with a massive grin." TIME OFF MAGAZINE (Bris, QLD)

PONYTAIL! "sits as one of the most original releases of 2011… a definite contender for album of the year." DRUM MEDIA (Syd NSW)

THE FEELIES! "cited as the quintessential band to influence other musicians, a rather fitting return record for The Feelies" DRUM MEDIA (Syd NSW)

PRISONER! Read an interview with Glenda Linscott about her short film 'A Fairytale Life' as part of the Audacious Dreaming (not-for-profit) organisation,  to raise awareness about HIV. Please donate if you can! READ HERE! SYDNEY STAR OBSERVER (Syd NSW)

RIDE! "Ride’s “Nowhere” will swirl, burble and tickle your eardrums with every amazing note, bathing you in a dreamy haze of feedback and fuzz. It has stood the test of time and with such vibrant and creative writing, it will no doubt continue to inspire musicians and listeners alike, irrespective of any pre-conceived sell-by date. So here’s to the next 21 years…" THE DWARF (Web)

HARD-ONS! Check out NineMSN's Your Gigs interview with Ray Ahn of the Hard-Ons! READ HERE! YOURGIGS / NINEMSN (Web)

THE CHURCH! Sydney Morning Herald feature in support of their upcoming Opera House show 'A Psychedelic Symphony' on April 10th. READ HERE! SPECTRUM, SYDNEY MORNING HERALD (Syd NSW)

RIDE! "More than 20 years since it was relaesed, 'Nowhere' has been reissued by the good folks at Rhino, repackaged with a live CD recorded at LA's Roxy Theatre. And it's damn fine indeed. Key track: Dreams Burn Down". XPRESS MAGAZINE (Perth WA)

RIDE! Read the full interview between MARK GARDENER and Leigh Salter at Leigh's own blog! READ!

RIDE! Check out a great interview with RIDE front-man MARK GARDENER! Mark chatted at length to Beat's Leigh Salter,  and it's in today's issue! Or alternately,  you can read the FULL interview in two parts, at Leigh's own blog! PG36. READ HERE! BEAT MAGAZINE (Melb VIC)

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