RIDE! Another 5-star review. "The remastered Nowhere perfectly captures the already-impressive musicianship of the young band, guitarists and vocalists Andy Bell and Mark Gardener throwing everything into their songs, the dual guitars weaving from jangly pop melodies to excoriating white noise with ease." * * * * * RAVE MAGAZINE (Bris QLD)

LUSH! Emma Anderson and Miki Berenyi are this week's special guests on "Formative 5" during the last hour of The Golden Age of Piracy on RRR 102.7FM. It airs this coming Wednesday 23rd March 2011 between 10PM-12AM. They'll be chatting about their time in Lush, and talking about 5 songs they were listening to back then, that they loved, when they were starting the band! STREAM LIVE HERE! RRR 102.7FM (Melb VIC)

WIRE! Guest Programming RAGE (ABC TV) on Saturday 2nd April 2011!! "RAGE" (ABC TV)

GIRL IN A COMA! Read NineMSN's 'Your Gigs' feature on the Texas trio, by Andy Ryan. READ HERE! NINEMSN YOUR GIGS (Web)

GIRL IN A COMA! Read an interview with drummer Phanie Diaz on Aussie website! READ HERE! TONE DEAF (Web)

JONNY! Pick up this week's Time Off in Brisbane, for Doug Wallen's interview with Norman Blake of Jonny (PG 22) READ HERE! TIME OFF MAGAZINE (Bris QLD) 

WIRE! "Red Barked Tree is a nifty piece of work that feels a bit like Bowie’s last couple of albums; older and a bit wiser, but lacking none of that crucial, indefinable thing that made them quite so fucking brilliant in the first place." THE BRAG (Sys NSW)

GRUFF RHYS! Andrew Weaver chats to Gruff about new album 'Hotel Shampoo' (Popfrenzy). READ HERE! SHOUT OUT (Web)

GRUFF RHYS! "With lush instrumentation, quality vocals and some fantastic lyrics there is something for everyone on Hotel Shampoo" READ HERE! THE AU REVIEW (Web)

PRISONER! Here's the 30th Anniversary 1HR special on 774 Melbourne ABC with Jon Faine we set up with Amanda Muggleton, Fiona Spence, Val Lehman, Colette Mann, Jane Clifton and Carol Burns. STREAM HERE! 774 ABC (Melb VIC)

GIRL IN A COMA! Time Off's Sam Hobson chats to Nina Diaz about new cover album 'Adventures In Coverland', signing with Joan Jett's Blackheart, touring with Morrissey and her fondness of Jeff Buckley (PG22). READ HERE! TIME OFF MAGAZINE (Bris QLD)

GRUFF RHYS! "Hotel Shampoo is a wonderful, easy breezy album. Onya Gruff. Now, if I could only take Shark Ridden Water off repeat." INPRESS MAGAZINE (Melb VIC)

PRISONER! Short article with Val Lehman, Top Dog (and triple murderess) "Bea Smith". READ HERE! HERALD SUN (Melb VIC)

RIDE! Andy Ryan of NineMSN's Your Gigs chats to Ride bassist, Steve Queralt. READ HERE! NINEMSN YOUR GIGS (Web)

RIDE! 20th Anniversary "Nowhere" re-issue; "The live set is a revelation, showing what a powerful live band Ride were, able to recreate the multiple layers of sound the four-piece committed to tape".  * * * * * ROLLING STONE

GRUFF RHYS! "Hotel Shampoo is to record collections as mini-bars are to hotel rooms – strangely essential". Simon Collins, WEST AUSTRALIAN (WA)

AMANDA MUGGLETON! Read an interview with Amanda from the Mosman Daily Newspaper in support of her current Theatre Production, JUST THE TICKET (Ensemble Theatre, Kirribilli). READ HERE! MOSMAN DAILY (Syd NSW)

JONNY! "We like things like The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band". Norman Blake in this week's Drum. READ HERE! DRUM MEDIA (Syd NSW)

GRUFF RHYS! "some of his best work… a musical experience to suit music lovers of all persuasions". REVERB MAGAZINE (Newc NSW)

PRISONER! Read Mik Grigg's interview and feature on Prisoner in 'Spectrum'. READ HERE! SYDNEY MORNING HERALD (Syd NSW)

PRISONER! Read David Knox's article with the cast for the re-launch of PRISONER this Monday 7th March on 111 Hits. READ HERE! TV TONIGHT (Web)

RIDE! 'Nowhere' reissue gets the FIVE STAR treatment from Matt Coyte this month; "From the machine gun drum rolls, screeching walls of guitar and crunching riffs, to the angelic vocal harmonies of opener 'Seagull', Ride establish themselves as one of the most original bands to come out of the UK, during the late eighties." * * * * * ROLLING STONE (National)

SWERVEDRIVER! "Rock solid and flawless, it was an great night to relive the 90’s." MUSIC FEEDS, LIVE REVIEW (Web)

PRISONER! Yup, it's BACK! 111 Hits, Foxtel are reshowing the series in its entirety from Monday March 7th, 2011 at 18:30PM AEST. Patsy King ("Erica Davidson"), Val Lehman ("Bea Smith") and Colette Mann ("Doreen Anderson") feature. READ HERE! HERALD SUN (Melb VIC)

SWERVEDRIVER! "…a set of incredible grace and poise" DRUM MEDIA, LIVE REVIEW (Syd NSW)

SWERVEDRIVER! "It's been 13 long years and 90 minutes of glorious guitar abandon and meticulously executed pop songs is not enough to fill that void." TIME OFF MAGAZINE, LIVE REVIEW (Bris QLD)

AMANDA MUGGLETON! "Somehow, the illustrious career of Amanda Muggleton has, ostensibly, passed me by. I’m the poorer for it. In Ensemble’s world premiere of Just The Ticket, by English writer Peter Quilter, she’s so astonishingly, enviably expert and effortless it’s eye-watering (for other actors, anyway)." READ HERE! CRIKEY (Web)

SWERVEDRIVER! "It was clear from the smiles in the crowd as they pulled their earplugs out that Swervedriver can expect to see a lot of familiar faces when they hopefully next return to Melbourne." TONE DEAF, LIVE REVIEW (Web)

SWERVEDRIVER! "As ever, Swervedriver are men of few words, but they are visibly chuffed at the rapturous reception they receive at a sold-out Zoo." RAVE MAGAZINE (LIVE REVIEW, QLD)

RIDE! Read Jim Poe's recent interview with Steve Queralt of RIDE, it's a great interview. READ HERE! MUSIC FEEDS (Web)

AMANDA MUGGLETON! "Amanda Muggleton has performed what can only be described as a fantastic role for the simple fact she in on stage throughout the entire performance by herself and can only rely on the text and her skills as an actor… without an interval! So I do take my hat of to her for this very strong performance." READ HERE! SAMESAME.COM.AU

RIDE! The current issues of Drum Media (#1047 Syd), Inpress (#1160 Melb) and Time Off (#1514 Bris) carries Michael Smith's recent interview with singer, songwriter and guitarist ANDY BELL. READ HERE! DRUM MEDIA (Syd NSW) / INPRESS MAGAZINE (Melb VIC) / TIME OFF MAGAZINE (Bris QLD)

GIRL IN A COMA! The girls pop up on the front cover of this week's RAVE, as bassist JEN ALVA chats to Emily Clarke about 'Adventures In Coverland', playing to 500,000 people at the Polish Woodstock Festival and signing to Joan Jett's Blackheart Records! READ HERE! RAVE MAGAZINE (Bris QLD)

JONNY! CD OF THE WEEK! "brilliant, succinct, indie-pop gems" DRUM MEDIA PERTH (Perth WA)

SWERVEDRIVER! The Age chats to Adam Franklin in today's issue. READ HERE! THE AGE (Melb, VIC)

AMANDA MUGGLETON! "the irrepressible Muggleton grabs every chance, works the room, breaks the ‘fourth wall’ with ease." READ HERE! STAGE WHISPERS (Web)

AMANDA MUGGLETON! "Amanda Muggleton immediately connected with the audience, and maintained her warm and witty rapport throughout the exhausting two hour set." READ HERE! ARTSHUB (Web)

JONNY! Xpress's Chris Havercroft talks to Euros Childs (ex Gorky's) about their brand spanking new debut, 'Self-titled'. Out on POPFRENZY now. READ HERE! XPRESS MAGAZINE (Perth WA)

WIRE! "This is an early contender for one of the best records of 2011, and most importantly it serves as an indication that Wire have returned to form in a massive way, and remain just as relevant today as they were 35 years ago. Wire are back and here to stay." READ HERE! FASTER LOUDER (Web)

SWERVEDRIVER! Chris Havercroft speaks to Adam Franklin before their performance at the Perth International Arts Festival. READ HERE! XPRESS MAGAZINE (Perth WA)

LLOYD COLE! Editor, Julian Tompkin chats to Lloyd Cole before her performance at the Perth International Arts Festival. READ HERE! XPRESS MAGAZINE (Perth, WA)

SWERVEDRIVER! Leigh Salter chats to Adam Franklin ahead of their SOLD OUT show at the Corner Hotel in Melbourne! READ HERE! BEAT MAGAZINE (Melb VIC)

SWERVEDRIVER! Justin Hook chats to Adam Franklin in the current issue of BMA! READ HERE! BMA CANBERRA (Canb ACT)

GRUFF RHYS! "What continues to make Gruff special is his lack of ego… full of witty, intelligent, sometimes political lyricism and effortlessly cruisy pop tunes." RAVE MAGAZINE (Bris, QLD)

SSWERVEDRIVER! Andrew Street speaks to Adam Franklin ahead of their Sydney Metro show (18th Feb). READ HERE! TIME OUT MAGAZINE (Syd NSW)

WIRE! "it's resulted in an album that stands alongside their second and third album in both scope and quality." READ HERE! **** TIME OUT MAGAZINE (Syd NSW)

SWERVEDRIVER! Read a great article on Swervedriver by Andrew McMillen for The Vine website! READ HERE! THE VINE (Web)

RIDE! Best New Release "Twenty years later, it's exciting to realize there's a lot more to be relished in between all its chimes." READ HERE! 9.5/10 PITCHFORK

RIDE! "The psychedelic interplay between the guitars of Mark Gardener and Andy Bell, the subtlety of their duel vocals still ring clear… the songs have stood the test of time. Verdict: Good as new." Kathy McCabe DAILY TELEGRAPH (Syd NSW)

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