GRUFF RHYS! "he is a consistenly warm and entertaining songwriter, whether for Super Furry Animals or solo, in songs traditional or electronic. it works for me". **** Bernard Zuel, SYDNEY MORNING HERALD (Syd NSW)

GIRL IN A COMA! Want to know ten things about Texas trio Girl In A Coma? Such as… Dave Navarro has a tattoo of singer Nina on his arm? 'Yo Oigo' is featured in the last scene of Robert Rodrigues' movie 'Machette'… then pick up this week's issue, it's on PG42, DRUM MEDIA PERTH (Perth WA)

GRUFF RHYS! "Despite being highly individual, it's immediately accessible; neither intimidating nor difficult." DRUM MEDIA PERTH (WA)

WIRE! Pick up this month's MUSIC AUSTRALIA GUIDE (FREE, JB Hifi's) and visit PG22 for a full page article on WIRE! MAG (National)

WIRE! "Its magic comes from the quiet churning narrative running beneath the surface like a river's tidal flow, a sense something disturbing is around the bend." MUSIC AUSTRALIA GUIDE (FREE, JB Hifi's)

NIC DALTON & HIS GLOOMCHASERS! "Dalton has had a remarkable rock'n'roll life… and 'Play All Night' shows there's plenty of life left in him." MUSIC AUSTRALIA GUIDE (FREE, JB Hifi's)

BLACKIE! "His talent is again displayed on a solo album that is pure – if subversive – pop." MUSIC AUSTRALIA GUIDE (FREE, JB Hifi's)


SWERVEDRIVER! Music Feeds Mickey Carr chats to Adam Franklin! READ HERE! MUSIC FEEDS (Web)

LLOYD COLE! Sean Sennet chats to Lloyd ahead of his Brisbane show, 10th Feb. Read article at the link below. TIME OFF MEDIA (QLD)

GRUFF RHYS! "His solo work is all the more mellow and sweeter sounds than the band he fronts… this record is definitely worth adding to your collection". XPRESS MAGAZINE (Perth, WA)

SWERVEDRIVER! "Adam Franklin has some wonderful memories of the late 80's and early 90's when his band Swervedriver emerged from Oxford with lush guitar melodies cascading over driving rock rythmns". Sacha Molitorisz,  (4th Feb 2011) 'Metro' SYDNEY MORNING HERALD (NSW)
TUMBLEWEED! "this reissue presents Tumbleweed at the height of their creative powers, churning out slabs of detuned, working class rock & roll as effortlessly as drawing breath." **** ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE (National)

WIRE! "… a captivating record and an interesting introduction to a criminally underrated, seminal band." REVERB MAGAZINE

TUMBLEWEED! "Almost every song on this compilation of early singles, EPs and the debut eponymous album is a reminder why Tumbleweed threatened so – they had it." BMA CANBERRA

SWERVEDRIVER! "The howling guitars and music which had more in common with The Pixies and Husker Du fell out of fashion in their homeland" Noel Mengel's interview with Adam Franklin in 3rd Feb's COURIER MAIL (Brisb, QLD)

SWERVEDRIVER! "Shoegaze king Adam Franklin of Swervedriver speaks to Anaya Latter about nineties revivals,  how Broadcast have been a long-time inspiration,  and the changing nature of the music industry." TONE DEAF (Web)

SWERVEDRIVER! Another front Cover! Wednesday 2nd February 2011! Full page interview with Adam Franklin on Pg16. TIME OFF MAGAZINE (Bris QLD)

WIRE! ALBUM OF THE WEEK (Wed 2nd Feb 2011) "…creatively intriguing… their music is overwhelmingly nostalgic, that being a compliment of the highest order." **** TIME OFF MAGAZINE (Bris QLD)

JONNY! "there's an undeniable summer vibe at the core of the songs and the joyful performances on Jonny, with its charming Scottish accents and catchy and efficient compositions." TIME OFF MAGAZINE (Bris QLD)

JONNY! "an early frontrunner for Album of the Year, with this infectiously upbeat pop record! Sure, the influences are easy to spot, but who cares when the music is this good." DRUM MEDIA (Syd NSW)

WIRE! ALBUM OF THE WEEK! "…if you want to hear possibly the first great album of 2011, rejoice" ****1/2 RAVE MAGAZINE (Bris QLD)

JONNY! "playful, immensely tuneful… life-affirming melodies always win out". **** RAVE MAGAZINE (Bris QLD)

WIRE! Andrew Street of Time Out Magazine talks to Colin Newman of WIRE. READ!

WIRE! Read a review of Wire's show @ the Corner Hotel,  by Doug Wallen for THE VINE - READ!

BLACKIE! "As his contemporaries gradually slide into middle-aged comfort – or worse still, introspective, nostalgic self-indulgence – Black is still applying the spark of youth that inspired him originally to whatever dramas fill his life. And the music is as good as the drama is vivid." BEAT MAGAZINE (Melb VIC)

JONNY! "When founding members of two of the finest bands to come out of the United Kingdom in the ‘90s join forces expectations are high, but as well as crafting some fine tunes Jonny shows a pair of songwriters who are clearly at ease in each others company and don’t take themselves too seriously." XPRESS MAGAZINE (Perth WA)

WIRE! "pushing sonic boundaries in incredible ways from 1977 to now." 'Red Barked Tree' album review, DRUM MEDIA (Syd NSW)

WIRE! Leigh Salter interviews WIRE's Colin Newman and Graham Lewis,  see link below. BEAT MAGAZINE (Melb VIC) - READ! 

JONNY! "an eclectic collection of brilliant, succinct indie pop gems, woven together with sharp production and inspired performances. Simply brilliant." INPRESS MAGAZINE (Melb VIC)

SWERVEDRIVER! Pick up this week's DRUM MEDIA in Sydney, 25th January 2011! it's got Swervedriver on the front cover! Full page interview,  Pg 34. DRUM MEDIA (Syd NSW)

TUMBLEWEED! "one of those 90s Aussie bands that should have never fallen off the planet… makes you wander had they stuck it out whether their future would be completely different now and even more people celebrating their brilliance." RIP IT UP MAGAZINE (Adel SA)

NIC DALTON & HIS GLOOMCHASERS! "very tidy musicianship, innate and forthright lyrics that undoubtedly produce a final product lovingly made with a large dose of genuine care" INPRESS MAGAZINE (Melb VIC)

THE BULLET HOLES! "it’s a fun sound and this independently released five track EP is very nicely packaged and well put together overall." BEAT MAGAZINE (Melb VIC)

WIRE! Here's an interview with Wire's Robert Grey on Tone Deaf Website! Wire play the Corner Hotel in Melbourne! TONE DEAF - READ!

NIC DALTON & HIS GLOOMCHASERS! "warm and often beautiful album" * * * * Bernard Zuel,  SYDNEY MORNING HERALD

NIC DALTON & HIS GLOOMCHASERS! "it’s all the forthcoming words and shared experiences that reign supreme on Play All Night. While the name of Dalton’s band is accurate for the most part, his method of chasing gloom is facing it head on. That makes for an album that’s draining and uplifting in equal measure, truer to life than any music you’re likely to hear all year." MESS+NOISE

WIRE! Read an interview; Doug Wallen chats to Colin Newman ahead of their show @ Corner Hotel,  Melbourne 19th Jan! THE VINE (Web) - READ!

TUMBLEWEED! "While teens the world over absorbed the distorted guitars and fuzzed-up bass from Seattle's grunge scene, Tumbleweed threw a whole bunch of weed and LSD into the mix, creating a psychedelic brand of alt-rock. This 2-CD set is a vivid time capsule of this exciting time in the band's career." RAVE MAGAZINE (Bris QLD)

NIC DALTON & HIS GLOOMCHASERS! "Sydney stalwart makes homely country-folk-album! He's one of Aussie music's many unsung heroes, making independently produced music that outshines a million expensive manufactured pop releases. Pretty darn good." RAVE MAGAZINE (Bris QLD)

NIC DALTON & HIS GLOOMCHASERS! "One-time Lemonhead and local indie legend delivers swampy folk… swampy, homespun bluegrass with a melodic backbone and breezy, ambling lyrics." * * * * ROLLING STONE

TUMBLEWEED! "As a package, it not only satisfies long-term fans, whose vinyl records are probably scratched to buggery and gummed up by ancient bongwater spills, but also serves as a fine introduction to new-comers primed by Tumbleweed’s recent reformation shows and festival appearances." MESS+NOISE

BLACKIE! "Peter Black sounds like he's having a great time. Everything from alt-country to orchestral rock makes an appearance; lots of humour, cultural references and profanities." RAVE MAGAZINE (Bris QLD)

TUMBLEWEED! Tune into 2SER's "The Band Next Door" from 3PM on Wednesday 12th January. Lenny will be having a chat to Mike Williams! 2SER 107.3FM (Syd NSW)

TUMBLEWEED! Tune into FBI 94.5FM tonight! Richie will be chatting to Scott Fitzsimons on "Dead Air" at 11:15PM. FBi 94.5FM (Syd NSW)

BLACKIE! "Blackie’s solo outing is accomplished and most importantly great fun. While you may not get his oblique sense of humour, his songwriting chops are undeniable." * * * * ROLLING STONE

TUMBLEWEED! Last week's #1 Most Played Artist on 3D RADIO ADELAIDE'S "TOP 21" Airplay Chart! 3D RADIO (Adel SA)

PRISONER! Returning to Australian screens,  March 2011 on 111 Hits,  Foxtel & Austar. Want to know what some of the original cast have been up to recently? TV WEEKSEE!

TUMBLEWEED! ALBUM OF THE WEEK "all the ingredients of an iconic stoner rock band; hard fuzz-laden driving riffs, waist-long hair and lyrics that indulge the cannabis-imbibing lifestyles of the bored and confused… the band's music is as potent as ever". BEAT MAGAZINE (Melb VIC)

TUMBLEWEED! "It's all here in one gloriously re-issued package. I'm revelling in this, and it hasn't been out of my stereo since it landed on my desk a few weeks ago… get your hands on this." RHYTHMS MAGAZINE

TUMBLEWEED! "The record sounds as relevant now as ever and the remaster gives it a kick in the guts to bring the recorded quality up to scratch by modern standards. All in all a fitting tribute to a band that oughtn't be forgotten." INPRESS MAGAZINE (Melb VIC)

BLACKIE! ALBUM OF THE WEEK! "Why the hell didn't you do this earlier, Blackie?" ***** Alex Gillies,  TIME OFF MAGAZINE (Bris QLD)

TUMBLEWEED! Richie will be joining Luke Demitriou of "Everything Moves" this Tuesday 21st December for a one hour special on the band,  their "The Waterfront Years" CD release and upcoming performance at the Pyramid Festival (31 Dec). Tune in from 7PM. PBS 106.7FM (Melb VIC)

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