THE CHURCH! Marty Willson-Piper will be chatting to Neil Rogers on "The Australian Mood" Show. Tune in from 8:00PM EST on Thursday 16th December 2010. RRR 102.7FM

THE CHURCH! Marty Willson-Piper will be talking to Luke Demetriou on "Everything Moves" Show. Tune in from 7:00PM EST on Tuesday 14th December 2010. PBS 106.7FM

SIANNA LEE! Will be performing an acoustic track from her album "Phoenix Propeller' and talking to Vanessa on the "Lunchbox" show on Friday, 3rd December 2010, at 1PM. EDGE RADIO 99.3FM

THE CHURCH! Steve Kilbey will be talking to Genevieve Jacobs on "Afternoons". Tune in at 14:10PM EST on Thursday, 2nd December 2010. ABC CANBERRA 

SIANNA LEE! Will be performing 'You Are The Sea' and 'Asie Incomplete' LIVE on ABC Hobart's 'Live At The Centre' on Thursday 2nd December 2010 @ 11:30AM. ABC HOBART

SMITY & B.GOODE! "An altogether noisier,  trashy exercise is Hello Rock N' Roll (Shock) from Sydney two-piece Smitty & B.Goode,  all big drums and crunchy guitars as is de rigueur in this format" DRUM MEDIA

SMITY & B.GOODE! "The scuzzy energy will certainly get them across the line live." INPRESS MAGAZINE

LOVE PARADE! "Love Parade make melodic old pop that manages to ring and sound just ragged enough to make it interesting. Gets a bit dreamy in other places, the harmonies wash up against each other, and they are overall splendid. Even the title's near perfect." DRUM MEDIA

SMITTY & B.GOODE! "Rebellious rock at its best. This fiery collaboration has so much energy it's impossible to keep up… this is a no-fuss, purely rock album that offers its modern listeners a little taste of everything". RAVE MAGAZINE

NIC DALTON & HIS GLOOMCHASERS! Nic will be interviewed on Simon Marnie's "Morning Show" – this Sunday 21st November,  with special "Gloomchaser" guest Bernie Hayes on guitar and backup vocals. They'll be playing 'Six Hours West' ABC 702 SYDNEY

THE CHURCH! Carole Whitelock of ABC Adelaide's "Afternoons" will be chatting with Steve Kilbey Wednesday, 10th November at 3PM (SA), 3:30PM EST. ABC ADELAIDE

THE CHURCH! Tim Powles will be chatting to Andrew Bartlett on 'Breakfast Will Tear Us Apart' at 8AM (QLD) on Monday 8th November 2010. 4ZZZ 102.1FM Download today's 4ZZZ 102.1FM Podcast; with Tim (4.3MB File size). 4ZZZ 102.1FM

MARDI PANNAN! "She makes understated, honest, human music sitting next to you on the couch, having a quiet conversation with someone you know. Unself-conscious music she probably just needed to make." DRUM MEDIA

THE CHURCH! Peter Koppes will be chatting with The Dan & Ken Show (Drive), Friday 5th November 2010. Tune in from 3pm EST – 6pm EST. For a list of stations in your local area

RUBY FOR LUCY! "Beautiful lead vocals. Infectious melodies. Everything about the release is a work of art" BMA MAGAZINE

DAN WEBB! Tune into Brisbane's 4ZZZ 102.1FM, Tuesday 21st September @ 1PM for the "Zzzeitgeist" Show. Dan will be chatting to Michael about his new EP "Hyperspace 

DAN WEBB! Tune into Brisbane's 4ZZZ 102.1FM, Tuesday 21st September @ 1PM for the "Zzzeitgeist" Show. Dan will be chatting to Michael about his new EP "Hyperspace Clearance" and Ric's show (22nd) 4ZZZ 102.1FM

SMUDGE! "Even for the uninitiated, 'I Don't Want To Be Grant McLennan' (their first vinyl release all the way from 1991) and swan song 'Real McCoy, Wrong Sinatra' pack enough charm to entice the casual listener, harking back to a side of 90's Australian music that warrants remembrance." DB MAGAZINE

DAN WEBB! Tune into Melbourne's SYN tonight Monday 20th September @ 5PM for "1700" Show. He'll be chatting to Matt & Phoebe about his new EP "Hyperspace Clearance" and performing "These Walls" live…! SYN NETWORK

SIANNA LEE! "Although the intensity of her irate emotion can be, at times, confronting, the keening sentiment of her bold, raw antipathy is balanced with just the right mix of graceful fragility which make Phoenix Propeller easily the most nuanced album in the young singer’s body of work to date." XPRESS MAGAZINE

DAN WEBB! Tune into Canberra's 2XX on Saturday 18th @ 5PM for the Oz Music Show. He'll be chatting to Shaun Bennett about his new EP "Hyperspace Clearance". 2XX 98.3FM

SMUDGE! "Over the last 20 years, and as illustrated on the new compilation This Smudge Is True, Smudge have produced some of the finest – not to mention consistently high quality – fuzzy pop songs of their generation." BEAT MAGAZINE

SMUDGE! Album of the Week! "The 27 tracks take less than an hour on CD, were written in the space of seven years and display Morgan's knack with short and deceptively sharp slacker anthems that were funny, sad, occasionally wicked and often brilliant." Simon Collins, WEST AUSTRALIAN

HARD-ONS! "This is the Hard-Ons at their best. I prefer Ray's melodic masterpieces, but the heavier Blackie moments are essential – both live and for their hard-edged iconoclasm." **** MUSIC AUSTRALIA GUIDE

SMUDGE! "Fuzzed out guitars, laconic vocals and Alison Galloway's frenetic style behind the drum kit were staples of the Smudge sound… there is little doubt that Morgan is in the top half a dozen songwriters in Australia…" XPRESS MAGAZINE

SIANNA LEE! "Named after a song that didn’t make the final list and filled with tracks written free of the weight of release expectation, Phoenix Propeller is an emotional peek into the life of a songstress whose contradiction of sweet and sour is her most beguiling quality. " **** TIME OFF MAGAZINE

HARD-ONS! "This is a group that is playing the music they like, because they like playing it, and for fans they know like it. Nothing sounds forced, and because the group only ever writes, rehearses or records when they have the creative desire to, they still play music with the same freshness, energy, and vision they had in 1982." BMA MAGAZINE

SMUDGE! "…main songwriter Tom Morgan, gave such a good sense of what it was like to be young and in love with music and all its attendant paraphernalia. You absolutely wanted to be in their gang, inside the poster-infested bedroom that adorns the front cover of this shockingly comprehensive collection." Everett True, MESS+NOISE

THE ETTES! "it qualifies for end of year best-ofs, and can definitely make the grade. If you like your music bluesy, with balls and a swagger while keeping melody and class, The Ettes Do You Want Power should satisfy your (oddly specific!) needs." MUSIC FEEDS

SMUDGE! "The early 90's provided the discerning music fan with a wealth of melodic and intelligent underground guitar rock. In Australia there were a slew of such bands, and at the vanguard from the get-go were Sydney three-piece Smudge." INPRESS MAGAZINE

HARD-ONS! "it maintains a satisfying blend of originality. humour and punk authenticity." 4.5 out of 5 REVERB MAGAZINE

THE ETTES! "Blood Red Blood even manages to suggest a disco beat in between sleazy guitars that fall somewhere between Franz Ferdinand and The Donnas. Whisky, leather jackets and roller skates: these things and more await newcomers to The Ettes." RAVE MAGAZINE

SMUDGE! "One of Sydney's great indie-rock acts, Smudge wrote classic pop that transcended their couch potato ambitions… start your Nineties revival here." ****1/2 ROLLING STONE

SMUDGE! "This Smudge is True collates 27 of the band's best tracks, and listening to them collected together showcases the band's unrelenting ability to put irreverent and often hilarious ditties to loose but always entrancing music. Songs such as Pulp, Hot Potato and Breadcrumb Trail stand the test of time – always the sign of a great band." TIME OFF MAGAZINE

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