FIFI MONDELLO! New Single 'It's True' at radio now! Fifi will also be a guest,  performing live on 'Homegrown' this Saturday 13th August at 13:30PM WA (15:30PM AEST). STREAM IT LIVE HERE! RTR 92.1FM (Perth WA)

ISOBEL CAMPBELL & MARK LANEGAN! If you missed Isobel's recent interview on Breakfast With Barr here's your chance to listen! STREAM HERE! RTR 921.FM (Perth WA)

ISOBEL CAMPBELL & MARK LANEGAN! Isobel will be interviewed by Sarah Howells of "Roots N' All" this coming Thursday evening, 28th July from 10PM! STREAM IT LIVE! TRIPLE J (National Radio) 

COSTA RAE! Costa Rae is out promoting his newly released album "Shot From The Moon" (A&R Department). He'll be dropping in for a live performance on Matt King's "Singers & Songwriters" show 11th August from 7PM AEST. LIVE STREAM2NBS 99.3FM (Syd NSW) 

…AND YOU WILL KNOW US BY THE TRAIL OF DEAD! If you missed the 'Junkyard' Special with Conrad Keely, then you can STREAM IT from PBS 106.7FM (Melb VIC)

ISOBEL CAMPBELL & MARK LANEGAN! Isobel will be chatting to Simon Winkler from Breaking & Entering show from 4PM AEST 1st August! TUNE IN via the LIVE STREAM on RRR 102.7FM (Melb)

AMANDA MUGGLETON! If you missed Amanda's (PRISONER's "Chrissie Latham") interview on "The Queer Noise" with host Stephen Pickells 16th July, with their kind permission here it is as a Podcast MP3 format, that you can STREAM IT! 2SER 103.7FM (Syd NSW)

LOREN! He'll be guest on Richard Filder's show tomorrow, 19th July at 1PM AEST, on "Afternoons". LIVE STREAM621 ABC BRISBANE (Bris QLD)

ISOBEL CAMPBELL! Isobel's recent interview with Matt King will go to air this coming Thursday evening, 21st July on 'Singers & Songwriters' Show. Tune in via their LIVE STREAM on the link below. 2NSB FM99.3 (Syd NSW)

HOME BREW RADIO! Both LOREN and COSTA RAE will be featured on tonight's show! You can stream the show over at the Home Brew Radio site now! STREAM THE SHOW HERE!

TUMBLEWEED! Richie Lewis will be chatting to "Everything Moves" host Luke Demetriou this coming Tuesday 19th July! 19:30PM AEST! STREAM IT LIVE!! PBS 106.7FM (Melb VIC)

LOREN! If you missed LOREN's interview and live performance of "Lose Your Head" on SYN's 'Get Cereal' Friday 8th July – here's a chance to STREAM IT! SYN 90.3FM (Melb VIC)

AMANDA MUGGLETON! She'll be an in-studio guest on this Wednesday 13th July's "Breakfast Show" on Sydney's FM99.3, discussing her Acting School Scene & Heard with Yvette Kaleel! It's live-to-air between 8-9AM AEST. You can STREAM IT LIVE online. 2NSB 99.3FM (Syd NSW)

ISOBEL CAMPBELL & MARK LANEGAN! Isobel spoke with PBS' Michael Mulholland of the Junkyard Show, Thursdays 7-8PM for a 1HR special! Aired Thursday 7th July! If you missed it STREAM IT NOWPBS 106.7FM (Melb VIC)

LOREN! He'll be dropping into The Evening Show, tomorrow night, Tuesday, 5th July 2011 @ 20:45PM SA, to chat to Peter Goers about his upcoming album release. He'll be performing an acoustic track also! STREAM IT LIVE! 891 ABC ADELAIDE (Adel SA) 

LOREN! He'll be joining host Sebastian Tonkin as guest on The Range, Tuesday July 5th 2011 @ 16:20PM SA (16:50PM AEST), to chat about his new single, album and show at the Grace Emily on 6th July!! LIVE STREAM! RADIO ADELADIE 101.5FM (Adel SA)

LOREN! On his way to serenade the snow at Falls Creek, Loren dropped into the ABC Wodonga studio for a chat with Bronwen Wade about his music. "Nothing I Need" live and acoustic for the Breakfast Show. LISTEN TO IT NOW! ABC GOULBURN MURRAY (Goul VIC)

TUMBLEWEED! The 'Weed are about to embark on their next round of gigs,  and to kick it all off,  Richie Lewis will be chatting to TRIPLE J's Sarah Howells on Weekend Lunch @ 1PM AEST on Saturday 4th June 2011. So tune in via their LIVE STREAM! TRIPLE J (National)

THE FEELIES! Glenn Mercer recently recorded his 'Formative 5' for The Golden Age of Piracy on Melbourne's RRR 102.7FM. Tune in next Wednesday 1st June 2011 @ 11PM AEST to hear! "Here Before" is out now via our good friends at POPFRENZY! STREAM HERE! RRR 102.7FM (Melb VIC)

BOTANICS! Saturday,  28th May @ 6PM AEST,  the guys will be dropping into to chat about new album 'The Fabric' with Ash Thompson on 'Random Rythmns',  BAY 99.9FM (Byron, NSW)

GIRL IN A COMA! TONIGHT! Wednesday 25th May @ 11PM AEST Nina & Phanie Diaz do their "Formative 5" on RRR 102.7FM's The Golden Age of Piracy! Check back here for Audio Stream in June! RRR 102.7FM (Melb VIC)

KRISTIN HERSH! Did you miss Kristin's Formative 5 segment on The Golden Age of Piracy? You can now STREAM the feature on our very own Audio Player… (look for the RiSH Radio panel on the right hand side). STREAM on this site (RiSH RADIO PANEL)!

ASH GRUNWALD! Ash will be dropping into 'The Hoist',  this coming Thursday,  19th May 2011 @ 19:20PM AEST,  to chat to the Synners about his upcoming shows in VIC this weekend. He'll be performing an acoustic track also,  so TUNE IN or stream on the link below! SYN (Melb VIC)

LAURA IMBRUGLIA! Laura's dropping in to the Prince of Wales this weekend to record a couple of acoustic tracks and an interview for BALCONY TV! It's happening Sunday,  22nd May @ 4PM on the Prince of Wales balcony,  in St Kilda,  Melbourne! We'll post the link once its up online! BACLONY TV (Web)

BOTANICS! Chris and Scotty will be dropping into the studios of FBi 94.5FM tonight,  Wednesday 11th May at 19:00PM AEST! Tune in via the link below. FBi 94.5FM (Sydney, NSW)

BOTANICS! Scotty speaks to Rip Nicholson about their new album 'The Fabric' and upcoming Album Launch,  this Thursday 12th May @ The Vanguard,  Newtown. READ HERE! DRUM MEDIA (Syd NSW)

ASH GRUNWALD! Ash chats to Brommers on Homebrew Radio, after his Bluesfest appearance. You can stream the interview on their website now! STREAM HERE!

TUMBLEWEED! Tune into Perth's RTR this coming Wednesday at 20:00PM AEST (18:00PM WA) as Richie will be chatting to Drivetime host,  Dennis Gelding,  live-to-air! Stream on the link below. STREAM HERE! RTR 92.1FM (Perth WA)

HARD-ONS! Did you miss Ray and Blackie doing their Formative 5 segment on The Golden Age of Piracy? Spend an hour with them talking about the Hard-Ons history and what songs inspired them to start the band! It's now up on our very own Audio Player to stream (look for the RiSH Radio panel on the right hand side).


GIRL IN A COMA! Bassist JEN ALVA will be chatting to Stephen Pickells tonight,  Friday 29th April on 'The Queer Noise'. Tune in at 7PM AEST! 2SER 107.3FM (Syd NSW)

CURVE! Dean Garcia formerly of CURVE and now of SPC ECO (pronounced Space Echo) is the guest on the "Formative 5" segment of The Golden Age of Piracy (RRR 102.7FM) this coming Wednesday,  27th April 2011, 10PM-12AM AEST. RRR 102.7FM (Melb VIC)

SWERVEDRIVER! The entire set from the Sydney Metro show on 18th February 2011,  is up to stream over at Moshcam! Re-live! STREAM!

APRIL MAZE! In support of their appearance at this weekend's National Folk Festival in Canberra,  the duo will be talking to 2XX 98.3FM's Oz Music Show,  with host Shaun Bennett. 'The Protest Song' (A&R Department) is at radio now! Tune in on Saturday 23rd April 5-7PM AEST. 2XX 98.3FM (Canb ACT)

CRYSTAL STILTS! Brad Hargett talks to Peter Barr,  this coming Thursday 21st April 2011 @ 10AM AEST (8AM WA) on RTR 92.1FM's Breakfast With Barr show. STREAM HERE! RTR 92.1FM (Perth WA)

CRYSTAL STILTS! Make sure you tune into RRR 102.7FM's 'Breaking & Entering' show this coming Monday,  18th April,  2011 around 5PM AEST,  as host Lauren will be spending some quality time on the phone with Brad of CRYSTAL STILTS. RRR 102.7FM (Melb VIC)

the church! Tune into "The Today Show" on Channel 9 Australia this Friday April 8th for a behind-the-scenes feature with Richard Wilkins interviewing THE CHURCH at rehearsals before their big Opera House show! Time approx 7.30am. STREAM! TODAY SHOW, CH9

WIRE! Programming rage this weekend! Check out the band that influenced all your favourite bands! 'RAGE' ABC NETWORK (TV)

AUDACIOUS DREAMING! Prisoner's Glenda Linscott (Topdog, Rita Connors) will be chatting to Stephen Pickells tonight on "The Queer Noise",  2SER 107.3FM (Sydney). Glenda chats about short film "A Fairytale Life" and their efforts to fund the final stages of its production. It tells the story of 'Sandy' a woman infected with the HIV virus by her husband. Friday 1st April 2011. 2SER 107.3FM (Syd NSW)

BOTANICS! 'The Fabric' added to rotation at Sydney's FBi 94.5FM from 24th March!! FBi 94.5FM (Syd NSW)

GIRL IN A COMA! Edge Radio 99.3FM, in Hobart gives the 'Adventures In Coverland' album their ERR stamp (Edge Radio Recommends) and will feature the album from March 21st to April 3rd! EDGE RADIO 99.3FM (Hobart TAS)

LUSH! Emma Anderson and Miki Berenyi are this week's special guests on "Formative 5" during the last hour of The Golden Age of Piracy on RRR 102.7FM. It airs this coming Wednesday 23rd March 2011 between 10PM-12AM. They'll be chatting about their time in Lush, and talking about 5 songs they were listening to back then, that they loved, when they were starting the band! STREAM LIVE HERE! RRR 102.7FM (Melb VIC)

WIRE! Guest Programming RAGE (ABC TV) on Saturday 2nd April 2011!! "RAGE" (ABC TV)

PRISONER! Here's the 30th Anniversary 1HR special on 774 Melbourne ABC with Jon Faine we set up with Amanda Muggleton, Fiona Spence, Val Lehman, Colette Mann, Jane Clifton and Carol Burns. STREAM HERE! 774 ABC (Melb VIC)

GRUFF RHYS! Tune into RRR 102.7FM's 'The Golden Age of Piracy' tonight as the Super Furry Animals frontman will be featured in the 'Formative 5' segment. He'll be discussing 5 songs that influenced his music and/or shaped the sound. RRR 102.7FM (Melb VIC)

APRIL MAZE! Tune into 'The Hoist' on Melbourne's SYN tonight at 19:20PM AEST as the duo will chatting to hosts Jonathan Brown and Jonty Thompson and performing live in the studio! SYN NETWORK (Melb VIC)

PRISONER! The Playlist! Andrew Mercado, Candy Raymond (Prisoner's "Sandra Hamilton") and Graeme Blundell discuss PRISONER's return to 111 Hits, Foxtel… WATCH HERE! THE PLAYLIST (Web)

GIRL IN A COMANina will be speaking to Ashlee Thompson of BAY FM's 'Random Rythms' show this Saturday 5th March 2011 @ 7PM AEST! She'll be spinning tracks from Adventures In Coverland, Both Before I'm Gone and Trio B.C. BAY 99.9FM (Byron Bay NSW)

PRISONER! Tune into CH9's 'A Current Affair' tonight @ 18:30PM AEST as they will be featuring the cast of Prisoner reuniting at the Old Melbourne Gaol to celebrate the relaunch of PRISONER on 111 Hits, Foxtel (starts Monday 7th March @ 18:30PM)… "Prisoner returns! A Current Affair continues its blockbuster week of television reunions with the colourful cast of Prisoner, as they make a comeback to Aussie TV." WATCH HERE! A CURRENT AFFAIR (CH9)

GIRL IN A COMA! 'Adventures In Coverland' ALBUM OF THE WEEK (26 Feb – 4 March). 3D RADIO 93.7FM (Adel, SA)

GRUFF RHYS! Tune into RTR 92.1FM Perth tomorrow evening at 6PM WA (9PM AEST) to hear Gruff chat to Dennis Gelding on 'Drivetime'. He'll be discussing his new solo album "Hotel Shampoo" out now on POPFRENZY! STREAM HERE! RTR 92.1FM (Perth WA)

RIDE! A reminder for all you early birds… LOZ COLBERT will be chatting to 'The Piano Drinkers' on 3D Radio 93.7FM on Wednesday 2nd March 2011. This 40-minute special on RIDE and the current re-issue of their "Nowhere" album, will go to air @ 7:30AM SA (8AM AEST). 3D RADIO 93.7FM (Adel SA)

GIRL IN A COMALead singer, Nina Diaz will be chatting to host Anita Walker tomorrow morning, Tuesday 1st March @ 08:30AM WA (11:30AEST). Nina will be discussing all things 'Adventures In Coverland' on the 'Breakfast with Barr' show! Their 1st ever Australian radio interview! STREAM HERE! RTR 92.1FM (Perth WA) 

RIDE! Andy Bell is featured in 'The Golden Age of Piracy' show on RRR 102.7FM tonight, 23rd February 2011. Andy spoke to Tristen Harris for the 'Formative 5' segment about the current re-issue of "Nowhere" on it's 20th anniversary. STREAM HERE! RRR 102.7FM (Melb VIC)

SWERVEDRIVER! Adam and Jim paid a visit to the RRR 102.7FM studio's on 19th February to chat to Tristen Harris. He will be featured in the 'Formative 5' segment during an upcoming episode of 'The Golden Age of Piracy'. RRR 102.7FM (Melb VIC)

SWERVEDRIVER! TUNE into Sydney's 2SER 107.3FM, "Sideways Through Sound" with Mark Ward, 9pm AEST, Wednesday 16th February, as he'll be chatting to Adam Franklin. 2SER 107.3FM (Syd NSW)

SWERVEDRIVER! Stream Adam Trainer's interview with Adam Franklin, from February 11th 'Breakfast With Barr' show. STREAM HERE! RTR 92.1FM (Perth WA)

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